Transfer for dinners and discos

Transfer for dinners and discos

Gentil transfer offers Rental with Driver with minivans for shuttle services to restaurants and discos:

Discos in Verona: NCC Transfer for Berfi’s club, Alterego, Pika, Dorian Gray, Thug, Delov, Le Disque, Sielo Club, Rensi Club, Encore, Mamamia, Skylight Disco, Crystal Club De Sade, Orange Disco Clubbing, Hollywood Dance Club, First Life Club, Paparazzi Maison, New York Bar, Court of the Angels, Atmosphere Clubbing, Be Quiet, Rancho Brasil, Maracaibo, Mad in Italy, Metropolis Disco Bar, Caribe Disco Latino, La Pedrera 7.2, African Suite, Villa Boschi, Brevis Loft Dinner Club, Barriga’s, Stargate.

Discos in Brescia:: NCC Transfer to Route 66, Coco Beach, Qi Clubbing, Mazoom Le Plaisir, Be Club, Alberti Theater, Circus Beat Club, Art Club, Desigual, Plaza Disco, Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, NoName, Casa De Sica, Convent.

Discos in Mantua: NCC Transfer for Mascara, Taste, Moxa, Cow of Aunt, Chiringuito, Break’s Beer, Qloom.

Discos Vicenza: NCC Transfer to Villa Bonin, Victory

Also available for rental service with driver Ncc with car or minivan available to accompany you at dinner and then to the disco.

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